Our Accomplishments

Our clients are agencies, associations, institutions, organizations and companies seeking to optimize their marketing efforts, increase response and grow their business or membership.

Challenge #1:

Our client, one of the nation’s largest membership organizations, was seeking to expand their marketing efforts beyond direct mail.

Our Solution:

We designed, developed and launched a Google Adwords search and remarketing campaign that has generated net revenue, and more than 3,500 unique new members, in each month of the campaign.

Challenge #2:

Our client has been using the same long, digital payment (conversion) form. Over the years, the form has been crowded with more and more required information, depressing response.

Our Solution:

We designed and developed two unique conversion forms, each in a different format, and tested them against the original control form. Analytics confirmed a winner (one of our new forms), which produced a 10% higher conversion rate! Working with our client, we moved swiftly to validate results by retesting the winning form, and plans are to replace the control with the winning form when the results are confirmed.

With a big testing win, and a happy client, we are currently implementing additional A/B testing.

Challenge #3:

Our client was developing and was ready to launch its new web site that caters to musicians, offering unique and valuable benefits through membership. Being musicians and not marketers, they turned to CCC for help.

Our Solution:

We reviewed the copy as well as the layout and design of each of the already developed web pages. We revised copy, strengthening headlines and instructions, modified how the benefits were described and displayed, provided design and layout best practice suggestions, and began taking part in marketing strategy sessions with the President and the company’s sales force.

So far, the company has surpassed its membership goal for the 1st year by more than 20%! We continue to provide marketing strategy on a monthly basis, and have designed an A/B testing plan to ensure the membership conversion form is fully optimized.

Challenge #4:

Our client in the education industry utilizes direct mail packages and other collateral pieces to push potential customers to hundreds of different web sites. Due to a surge in their business, the client needed copywriting assistance with their front-end marketing effort.

Our Solution:

CCC developed an annual direct mail fundraising plan, coordinated putting the plan in place, and began feeding the pipeline with copy.

But we didn’t stop there. We noticed that many of the web site conversion (payment) pages that were being used were not designed well or optimized, creating the false impression that the front-end marketing effort wasn’t working. CCC stepped in, put several design and layout best practices in place, and began using analytics that were available to effectively establish critical web visitor behavior.

We’re currently developing a focused A/B testing plan for immediate implementation.

Challenge #5:

This successful client wanted to expand the valuable education services that it provides to students and parents by launching a new organization, and reached out to CCC to assist them.

Our Solution:

CCC played a critical role from the very first planning and steering meeting onward, taking part in the naming of the organization, compiling its list of valuable benefits, crafting its branding strategy, designed and mapped its digital presence, took the lead in designing and planning its first year direct and digital marketing plan.

Currently, we are in the final phases of implementing a fully integrated direct and digital marketing plan.

Challenge #6:

This prominent state institution hosts annual programs for high achieving students, and asked CCC to review their marketing and digital efforts.

Our Solution:

CCC reviewed the direct mail copy and invitation packages, as well as the copy, formatting and sequencing of the integrated e-mail campaign that were being utilized to drive program registrations.

Working with the client, CCC set three goals: reducing direct mail costs, optimizing the digital registration process and decreasing the time between the initial marketing efforts and filling the program to capacity. We began by proposing significant revisions to the client’s initial direct mail copy to strengthen the offer, proposed revising copy and adding package components that would increase response, and proposed deleting other mail components that decreased overall mailing costs (that could be more efficiently delivered online).

On the digital side, CCC proposed significant revisions to the copy, design and layout of the registration process and the registration form, in order to increase usability and ensure optimal form conversions. We are also crafting a comprehensive A/B testing plan of the registration conversion form.

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